1. What is FEX?

It's a decentralized exchange (DEX) that allows users to trade tokens without the need for a third party. FEX is the abbreviation for "Fair EXchange". We want to bring fairness to all the traders.

2. Is FEX custodial or non-custodial?

It is a non-custodial exchange, which means that users retain full control of their assets at all times. The trading process is managed by smart contracts, which are self-executing contracts that are stored on the blockchain. This ensures that all transactions are transparent and secure.

3. What can we do with it?

With FEX, you can trade a variety of tokens, including CRC20 tokens and BCH. You can make and take bulk orders for fungible tokens. In the future, FEX will also support partial deals and non-fungible tokens.FEX also supports UniswapV2-style automated market maker functions. You can swap with the AMM pool.

4. Which tokens can we exchange?

Currently, you can exchange CRC20 tokens and BCH on FEX. In the future, FEX will also support BCMR tokens.

5. What is the fee rate?

There is no fee for bulk orders that are less than 0.1 BCH. FEX charges a fee of 0.6% for the other transactions.

6. Which wallet does FEX use?

It uses Pay4Best, which extends the function of Web3 wallets (such as MetaMask) such that you can sign BCH transactions with them.

7. Where is the smart contracts' source code?

The source code for FEX's smart contracts is currently not available to the public. However, it will be made available after it has been audited by a third party. If you are a cashscript expert and willing to help us audit the code, please contact us.

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