The Pay4Best wallet is a web-based wallet. Pay4Best is a bridging wallet that derives a private key from a Web3 wallet's "personal_sign" result and uses it to sign BCH transactions.

User Guide

Login to your Pay4Best wallet.

  1. Open website.

  2. Select the EVM account you want to connect to and Pay4Best will generate the appropriate BCH CashAddress based on the connected EVM address.

    For example, if you want to switch to Account 4, you have to click on the little ball in the upper right corner and then click "Switch to this account".

  1. Then you need to sign a message to generate a BCH address.

Connect your wallet to Fex

  1. Go to the top right corner of the Fex website and click "Pay4best". (Generally, the default is Pay4best)

  1. MetaMask will then ask you to sign the message twice.

  1. The connection is successful.

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