Fex currently offers two ways to connect to wallets, Pay4Best and Snaps. Pay4Best is quite simple, it is to generate a BCH cash address using the EVM address and then sign to confirm transactions. Snaps is a recently launched MetaMask feature designed to provide developers with a way to access the MetaMask wallet (especially for non-EVM blockchains). We have implemented a simple Snaps wallet called

User Guide

Now our snap is officially listed on the MetaMask Snaps Dictionary! Users can install bch-snap on the MetaMask stable version now.

You can check the snap information here:

Go to the top right corner of the Fex website and click "Snap", then click "Connect".

After clicking, the MetaMask will ask you to connect to MetaMask and install "Bitcoin Cash Wallet".

Users can check their assets at

And they can switch their accounts here, which currently supports the management of 20 accounts.

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