Asset Management


There are two kinds of addresses commonly used for BCH, respectively, cash addresses and legacy addresses. The two are only different in format, the accounts (actually, UTXOs) behind them under the same private key are the same.

  • Cash Address: Cash addresses have the prefix "bitcoincash", and the address part starts with "q".

  • Legacy Address: Legacy addresses start with "1" if it is a P2PKH type or "3" if it is a P2SH type.

User Guide

The Asset Management feature is available in the Assets Tab.


  1. If you want to transfer BCH or tokens from another wallet (like Electron-Cash, Paytaca) or DApp (e.g., you can most likely use cash address. Click on the top right corner to copy the cash address.

  2. If you want to withdraw BCH from CEX to, please read the supported address types. Most CEXs currently only support legacy addresses.


  1. In Token List, there is a "Transfer" button that can transfer your assets from to other DApps or CEXs.

  2. After clicking "Transfer", it will pop up an input box asking you to enter the address(es) and quantity to be transferred out. Cash addresses and legacy addresses are both supported. supports multi-account transfers. If you want to transfer a certain amount of BCH or tokens to each address, you can fill in multiple addresses, separated by commas.

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